A Mountain Bike Component Group Comparative: Shimano Deore and Sram X7

On to the lower tiers of the mountain bike component group hierarchy, we’ve got the Shimano Deore and the Sram X7. Reliability and sturdiness of the components that are synonymous with these two companies, the Deore is sitting at the 10-speed mark with the Sram also on the 10-speed option with titanium sprockets, which you can also pair with a 9-speed option, if you should so choose. Chainrings come in two- and three-ring versions in both brands for those of you looking for climbing capabilities in your components group.

With Deore, you’ve also got disc brake or V-brakes options for your braking needs whereas the X7 allows for flexibility so that you can choose whatever brakes you want. In the shifter department, Deore comes up to the plate with Rapidfire Plus or Dual-Control Shifters. The former is the classic choice for the mountain biker while the latter is all about fingertip control. The X7 offers Trigger Shifters, for those who want fingertip shifting, or the Twist Shifters, for those who prefer to twist out of gears, ideal for those who have smaller hands.

In all, you’ve got two decent component groups with a relative amount of technology and a good way to ease into the componentry of either Shimano or Sram. Test out your mountain biking wings with these and go flying over dirt roads.

Comparative Chart MTB Shimano Deore and Sram X7Comparative Chart MTB Shimano Deore and Sram X7