A Mountain Bike Components Group Comparative: Shimano Alivio 9-Speed and Sram X5

Here we’ve got mountain bike component group at the entry level. Even so, the Alivio is down to a 9-speed cassette while the X5 on a 10-speed. No nonsense, not flashy and functional, the differences in the groups reflect on what is necessary for your biking needs. The three chainrings of the Alivio crankset as opposed to the two of the X5 offer a gamma of options of whether you need mountain-climbing abilities or just an all-rounder.

Sram still proudly waves the tech flag with the 1:1 Actuation (which means pulling the cable and the derailleur moves the same amount), Exact Actuation (for exact cable tension) and the X-Glide (chainring technology, paired to perform to perfection with the chain itself). Shimano’s Alivio 9-Speed offers quality to the recreational mountain biker.

If you are looking for components for your leisure bike, the Alivio and the X5 are great options. Accessible and practical, choose from either for the bang for your buck.