A Mountain Bike Components Group Comparative: Shimano SLX and Sram X9

This is the mix-n-match middle component group for both Shimano and Sram. Pick and choose your pieces for that ideal ride and you are sure to find biking perfection for a fraction of the cost of the higher end mech.

Shimano SLX offers a 10-speed component group that is versatile. The tech that you can find in this group is something incorporated with the higher end lot called Shadow Plus. This basically is a lever that you can switch to the “on” or “off” position. When it’s “on,” a steel band wraps around the clutch, creating pressure and therefore, resistance. Its purpose is to prevent forward movement on the derailleur cage. Long term, it’s to help reduce wear on the derailleur and prolong chain use. Ice Technologies for your disc brake rotors and an either 2x10 or 3x10 drivetrain can also be had.

The Sram X9 offers choice in components and has a choice between the Speed Shifter and the trigger shifter. Choose between the 9 or 10 speeds you need for your type of riding. There are also a variety of front hubs to choose from as well as a rear option. The PowerGlide II cassette in the back was designed for off-roading and there are a variety of rear derailleurs you can choose from. Truvativ also has a chain guide that you can install to protect your chainrings. The cranks themselves have only two chainrings and an external bottom bracket. 

Comparative Chart MTB Shimano SLX and Sram X9Comparative Chart MTB Shimano SLX and Sram X9