A MTB Component Group Comparative: Shimano Deore XTR and Sram X0

Considering that the Shimano Zee is the “younger brother” to the New Shimano Saint (as well as a somewhat cheaper version and they don’t have a front derailleur), I’ve decided to pair up the Deore XTR and the X0. That way, it’s nice and even. All the same components in both groups, all good.

Deore XTR comes in either the silver or the black version. You’ve got a crankarm with Hollowtech II technology, which basically means instead of having a separate axel which you lace through the bottom bracket, you have a tube that is built into the crank and passes through to the other side, where you can attach the other crankarm. Ice Technologies are available for your brake cooling needs and ten-speed HyperGlide cassettes, with a 2x10 option for racing and a 3x10 set up for your trail riding needs.  

The X0 offers this group in polished chrome and silver, as well as their standard black. There are also either mechanical or Avid hydraulic brakes, the latter of which uses 5.1 DOT brake fluid, proven to boil at higher temperatures, thus making it a more reliable brake without any of the performance hindering overheat on the disc rotor. You’ve also got your choice of 9- or 10-speed cassettes with a 1-, 2- or 3- chainring combination so that you can trail, race or DH it.   

Comparative Chart MTB Shimano Deore XTR Sram X0Comparative Chart MTB Shimano Deore XTR Sram X0