Nine Bike Storage Options for Your Home

Unless you have a foldie, bike parking at home (especially in an apartment) can royally suck and if you have more than one, you are assed out. You’ve been there: rolling your bike into a room and then another, making sure that the pedal don’t catch in the spokes and the handlebars are facing away from the other bike. You have to practically stack them because they take up so much space. You risk scratching up your bikes and the hassle of getting one out is a pain. You almost have to ask yourself is it worth it?

With all the bike racks out there, it most certainly is.

So I’ve put together a list of options for all you bikers with very limited space and who don’t want to end up sleeping with their bikes (and I know some of you already do). The list is in alphabetical order so let’s start from the top.

Cycloc Cycloc

Modern furniture design meets minimalist art. The Cycloc is basically a colorful cylinder that protrudes from the wall, where you can hang your bike. The cylinder also doubles as storage space for gloves or a jersey and because it has opposing lips, bicycles of any top tube thickness can fit in this. The by-line states that you can use it at home or in the office. There are even holes in the cylinder so that if this is placed outside, you could lock your bike to the apparatus.

Delta Cycle Delta Cycles Single Bike Rack Monet

Delta Cycles Two Bike Gravity Storage

This is one of several companies that offer an array of bike storage choices for home use. They’ve got simple floor stands for the single bike, as well as the more sophisticated wall mounts and a floor-to-ceiling tube system to hang up to two bikes. They’ve even got a ceiling pulley system for those of you who have higher ceilings or just can’t lift your bikes onto a wall mount rack.

Gladiator Claw Gladiator Claw

Made by Gladiator Garageworks, the Claw is an interesting concept that can be mounted on a Gladiator wall system panel or be anchored into the wall or ceiling. They come in either plastic or aluminum and they work by pushing the center button of the contraption with your wheel, closing the claw around it. You can hang it by using only one claw or use two, one for the front and one for the back wheel.

The (Original) Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw The Original Bike Shelf by Knife and Saw

This is one of the more simple designs that is both a bike hanger and a shelf. Made out of either walnut or ash, this shelf has options in a 1.75-inch or a 2-inch slot where you can hang your bike. If your top tube is thicker than that, this may not be the option for you. It also comes in two widths to take into consideration the distance between the down tube and the seat post.

Penny Farthings Pushbike Cradle Penny Farthing Push Bike Cradle

Penny Farthings is an Australian company and their focus is on public bike parking so this isn't really an option you can readily buy for home. The reason why I included this option is because this was the only wheel-hanger rack that took into consideration the possible damage that you could incur on your rim and your spokes. The bars actually cradle the wheel, making for a practical yet interesting option to consider.

Pit In Bicycle Table by Store Muu Pit In Bicycle Table by Store Muu

This is a very innovative idea of incorporating your bike as part of a functional piece of furniture. Made out of plywood, the Pit In is something that looks like a drafting board/table/bike stand. You just slide your bike into the table, step up and get into the saddle and write, read, draw or even have your morning joe.

Racor Racor Bike Lift

Racor is a home storage company that has a variety of options. You have your simple floor stands, the freestanding Gravity Bike Rack (which uses no bolts or screws and is a stand-alone tube that uses the ) for two bikes and the Bike Lift, a pulley system that can raise your bike up to 12 feet up. They also have racks with storage modules in it for your helmet and other such items.

Saris Cycle Racks Saris Cycle Glide

Saris Bike Bunk

Saris offers two racks: the Bike Bunk and the Bike Trac. One of the more expensive gadgets on this list, the Bike Bunk is long tube stand that leans on against the wall and has two sliding hangers on it. The tube is padded so you don’t have to worry about markings on the wall. The Bike Trac is a rail that is mounted on the wall and is a wheel-hanger, available at a reasonable price. They also offer the Cycle Glide, which is a ceiling-mounted system that can accommodate up to four bikes. This may be the option for you if you are looking to keep the wheels and the handlebars out of the way. It is pricy but if you have the space, it is an excellent option.

Topeak Topeak FlashStand

Topeak Dual-Touch Bike Stand

This company offers floor bike stands as well as those that fit on your pedal so that you can stand them. They also have the floor-to-ceiling pole dancer racks for a two-bike option. I’ve got two Topeak OneUps in my house and so I can say from experience that they are well made pieces that were excellently machined. They hang from the front wheel (although technically, you could hang it from either wheel) and also have a rear wheel pad to prevent tire tread on the walls, as well as provide a guide so that your bike is positioned in a straight line.