OnGuard Bike Locks Suck

OnGuard Bike Lock

So, the other day my bike got stolen. Probably one of the worst feelings in the world.

Now, how did this happen? One thing I know for sure is that my bike lock sucks. I'd always wondered how OnGuard was able to price their locks so much lower than Kryptonite and now I know. They are pieces of shit. Somebody should be able to cut through a U-Lock with a bolt cutter, which is what someone did to this thing, like a damn pretzel.

OnGuard U-Lock Filled Like a Fucking Twinkie

You'll notice that the U-Lock material is mostly some sort of filler, the actual metal part is only about a 1mm thick.  Another reason why the OnGuard locks are much lighter than other u locks.

SO, if you're buying a bike lock don't skimp.  I learned the hard way.  Most Kryptonite locks are great, especially the "Fahgettaboudit" series.

OnGuard Locks? 0 Stars, No Bike for You!