Road Bike Component Group Comparative: Campagnolo Centaur, Shimano Sora and Sram S-Series

This is where Sram is going to bow out for the night as this is its mix-and-match representative, the group that can offer components that can be used in the other, higher end groups of the line. As mentioned in previous posts, this is only a comparative of what these companies offer from top to bottom and by no means am I saying that they compare in form other than the fact that this is how their fall on the rosters of their respective makers.

That said, Campy steps down to the 10 speed sprocket range, Shimano is dabbling in the 9 speed and Sram has 8, 9 and 10 speed options, which includes a variety of aerobar options, as well as cantilever and hydraulic brakes. There are still carbon fiber options at Campy and Sram, whereas Shimano has its standard aluminum and alloy components.  

Looking at the groups below the Centaur and Sora, you’ve got the Campy Veloce and the Triple groupset (triple crankrings for those mountain climbers) as well as Shimano’s 2300 and 2200. Trying to compare these groups would be like trying to compare freshly baked bread to a nice soup. Both are nice but they are different. There are those who swear by Shimano’s excellent braking and crisp shifting. Others who are Campagnolo, through and through. And still others who love the graphics and the feistiness that is Sram.

To say one is the best is subjective.  But I do know what I would choose. And I ain’t telling. 

Comparative Chart Road Group Campagnolo Centaur, Shimano Sora and Sram S-Series