Top 5 Bike Repair Stands

There are a lot of do-it-yourselfers out there who want to cut back on the cost of going to the local bike shop for repairs and the such. So if you’ve decided on doing your own repairs, naturally, you are going to invest a little bit. One of the first pieces that you are going to need to start up your workshop is a bike repair stand. It may be a more costly piece but if you buy right from the get-go, your stand will last you a very long time.

So what do you need to look for in a good stand? The first part of that question would have be answered with another question: what do you need it for? Do you need a foldable one? Are you traveling a lot? Do you have a work space at home that you can dedicate to your repairs? Would you be outdoors or indoors? What kind of bike do you have? Is it a light time trialer or is it a heavy downhiller? Are you going to be working on one bike or multiple bikes? How much are you willing to spend?

Once you’ve got those questions answered, you’ve got a better idea of what you need. I’ve put together a list of different companies that make some of the most popular repair stands around. Prices run all over the place but always look at the stats to see what you need.

Aluminum Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand – This is one of the most popular stands on Amazon and this is due to its stability. It is a foldable stand, which gives it points for mobility and the clamps, which can do a 360°, are also padded so that the paint job on your frame is protected. It’s also got the price to match so consider this option.

Aluminum Cycle Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand


Pro Bike Adjustable 41” to 75” Repair Stand

This is a very competitively priced stand that is easy to set up, clamp and rotate 360°. It’s heavy duty and has a telescoping stand, with an included tool tray and a built-in magnetic compartment. 66lbs is the maximum weight capacity so all in all, it’s a great all-rounder for the home mechanic. It doesn’t fold up so keep that in mind.

Pro Bike Adjustable Repair Stand


Park Tool PCS-9

The tried and true favorite, Park Tool makes a lot of different things but two repair stands in particular are what most bikers buy out of the Park Tool family: the PCS-9 and the PCS-10. The clamp on the 9 can handle all sorts of bikes, as well as recumbents and odd tube shapes. It can hold up to 100 lbs as long as the weight is centered over the legs. It is a great option for the home mechanic. The clamp can also rotate 360° so that you can get at any part of your bike with ease.  

Park Tool PCS 9


BIKEHAND Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

Here is a sturdy no-nonsense bike stand that sits on three points. It comes with a convenient tool tray for all your bits, pieces and tools and has a very practical clamp that won’t damage the paint job on your frame. BIKEHAND specializes in tools and so it was a natural progression into stands. The head has 360° rotation and the height of the stand can be adjusted.

BIKEHAND Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand


Park Tool PCS-10

The more expensive of the home repair stands, this is the upgraded version of the PCS-9. It has got everything the 9 has with the major difference being that you can set up and break down quicker and easier. It’s also got spring buttons to lock the folding legs into place as well as other perks like being able to affix a special Park Tools towel holder attachment to the adjustment collar area. Little things that’ll make your repairs a lot easier to manage. 

Park Tool PCS 10


Aluminum Cycle Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand