What Are the Different Types of Bike Tires

Today we're gonna talk to you about different types of tires and different bikes that they go on. There's different types of riding that you're going to be doing. There's BMX racing that uses a comp 3 type tire with knobbies that are good for sticking in dirt, getting a lot of traction, and are also lightweight.

BMX racing tires

BMX tires need deep knobs to stick in the dirt and give the rider traction around corners

Another type of BMX tire is your street park freestyle tire. It's more like your road style tire but in BMX bikes features less tread. There's a softer compound for the pavement and the tires are a little wider. BMX racing tires in the rear are 20X1.75” whereas the front is 20 X 1.95. Freestyle are usually around 20X1.85 to 20X2.0.

Other tires include hybrid tires which are good for commuting bikes. A 700c tire fits any kind of road bike or hybrid/road mountain bike. The tire is produced mainly for commuting either back and forth to work or the grocery store or what have you. The tire is a hard compound so it last the longest over many miles of wear and tear.

Hybrid bicycle tires

Hybrid tires are manufactured with half functionality and half durability in mind

Another tire is the road racing tire. These tires are lighter and have a very low tread pattern on the front. It's a soft compound for sticking into pavement while going 50-60 MPH around corners or speeding downhill. The road racing tire is also good for cross training.

Finally a mountain bike tire is comparable to a big BMX tire. The larger knobs are used to stick in real deep mud, riding over branches, and other things you might do in the woods. You need a really aggressive pattern on the tread of mountain bike tires for easy navigating.

Mountain bike tires

Mountain bike tires are designed to get the rider out of any sticky situation they may find themselves in over rough terrain.

Now that you know what the types of tires are and what they're used for, equip your bicycle with the optimum type to make your ride as efficient as possible.