Overview of Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle


Ergon specializes in making contact points on the bike as comfortable as physically possible. That being said, the Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle is unique in the saddle world. Ergon spent a lot of time researching how the sit-bones make contact with the saddle and the result is a saddle that looks a bit different than other saddles.

Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle

The first thing that sets the Ergon SM3 apart is its shape. A slight channel in the middle keeps pressure off the sensitive bits while depressions for the sit-bones provides them with more contact on the saddle, relieving pressure points while still providing plenty of support.

Channel in Middle of Seat Directs Pressure

The padding underneath is made from two different densities, with the firmer section being placed directly underneath the sit-bones. The base is ultra-thin which imparts the SM3 Pro with some engineered flex while the added carbon reinforcement of the Pro version gives the saddle long-term durability as the carbon keeps the saddle from developing any untimely sag. The rails connect behind the sit bones and a damper underneath the front rail connection helps take some of the sting away from impacts and smooth out the ride. It's about time you introduce your posterior to the softer side of top-notch performance, because thanks to Ergon's SM3 Pro, it finally exists.