While the rest of the field is worried about technological advancements that push the boundries of cycling, Ergon is taking on a different problem. They know that fatigued and stressed riders can lose focus and endurance when cycling, which can compromise a competition, or even saftey. Ergon specializes in making ergonomically correct components and gear. With a team from various professional disciplines working together at Ergon, rider aches and pains while cycling are no match.


"Our aim is to develop products that offer the best ergonomics for cyclists, which combine the best scientific principles with the practicality of realworld usage."

RTI Sports, Vertrieb von Sportartikeln GmbH Universitätsstraße 2
Koblenz , RP
50° 21' 44.0064" N, 7° 33' 29.2644" E
Rheinland-Pfalz DE

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Review of Ergon GS2 Bike Grips

Perfect for endurance riding, the Ergon GS2 Grips provide a better grip with less stress and effort. They have non-slip rubber inserts, plus innovative GFK 3-finger bar ends. The bar ends double...

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Overview of Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle

Ergon specializes in making contact points on the bike as comfortable as physically possible. That being said, the Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle is unique in the saddle world. Ergon spent a lot of time...

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Company: Ergon
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