Top 5 Road Bike Accessories


5 of the most innovative road bike accessories to come out in the next year:

1. Garmin Vector S: the Garmin vector system are pedals that capture data. The vector S is a cheaper version of the vector system and only captures data from one pedal. Owners however will be able to upgrade to the left/right system eventually.

Garmin Vector System Pedals

2. Laser Wasp Air IS: this helmet helps create a perfect tuck position for ideal aerodynamics. The helmet sports a cut off fin. There is also an inclination sensor that alerts riders when they have strayed from the optimal head position.

Laser Wasp Air IS Helmet

3. SRM Power Control 8: expensive but undoubtedly pro, this bike computer has added gps and wifi. It looks set to be the top choice for racing teams. It has a fully customizable, high contrast screen, increased battery life, and an anodized aluminum casing. The wifi capabilities now stretch to SRM iOS app allowing for intense analysis of data. All of this technology weighs in at 90 grams.

4. PRO Saddle Fit: shimano finishing kit offshoot pro has designed a kit to find the ideal saddle based on physiology and riding style. A box is used to measure your sit bone width, which can then be put in to PRO’s 7 step system to find your perfect saddle. Select your discipline, input some basic data, choose your saddle look, and you will be presented with what Shimano thinks is the right saddle for you. If you don’t have a fully equipped PRO dealer close by, you can take measurements yourself and input into the PRO Saddle Selector on

Example of PRO Saddle Fit Kit

5. Lightweight Concept Wheel: german innovators Lightweight have come out with a smart wheel that will give real time feedback of tire pressure and braking surface temperatures. This wheel, however, is still a concept and not in production.