Assemble and Set Up Conquer Bicycle Trainer


So, you’ve just gotten the new Conquer trainer. It looks awesome. You’ve unwrapped it. Now what?

First off you need a bike. Obviously. Any bike with a quick release rear wheel will do. Take the quick release lever completely out of the rear wheel of whatever bike you choose. Take the special Conquer skewer, which is necessary to fit into the cups of this trainer, unscrew it all the way. Take your spring off and push the other spring all the way back. The lever always goes on the non-drivetrain side. Put the skewer in the bike, with the spring on the outside, and put the skewer cap back on. Then, tighten the quick release on the wheel.

Bike Is Held In Trainer By Adjustable Cups

Now, put the wheel in the trainer. Before installing it, screw out the magnetic resistor to allow the wheel to sit in line with the adjustor cups on the trainer. Unscrew the adjuster cups all the way off. Fit them into the Conquer skewer and screw the cups back in. Now you can readjust the mag resistor so you have proper pressure on the back wheel.

If done right, your trainer should sound similar to the noise in the video.

Level The Bike With Front Wheel Block

Included with the trainer is the Conquer wheel block. Put your front wheel so it is sitting in this and you should now be level as if you were riding on the road.