How To Fit A Press Fit BB


How to press fit your bottom bracket:

Apply Grease Before Installing

Apply Grease to Bottom Bracket Shell Before Installing

Make sure all surfaces are nice and clean, then apply a small, thin smear of grease to help ease the shells into place when it comes time to press them in. The we take our tool, making sure we have are on the correct side, slide the tool through the hole. Once the tool sits properly in the frame, take the 27 mm spanner and gently wind the tool in. Once you feel it gently touching after tightening, it is good. Then remove the washer and the tool.

Use Bearing Press to Remove

Use Bearing Press to Remove Bottom Bracket Bearing

Then use the tool to secure the bearing on the other side. Again, gently wind it in, and when you get the cup edge to the frame you are close. Put a little bit of grease where the washers will sit on the tube and use the opposite end of the tool to thread that in. Use your finger from the other end to line it up if you feel it might not be straight.

Use a Spanner or Adjustable Wrench to Tighten Bearings into Place

Once everything has been fitted in the bottom bracket, add some more grease, and press the seal in with your hand. Use the tool again to press the spacer into position. Remove your tool and it is all ready for fitting your cranks.

Press Seal in with Hand

Press Seal into Bottom Bracket with Hand