Cut and Resize Shimano Disc Brake Hose

Today, we are going to be cutting the hose. As you can see I installed this hose and it's huge. You can do this off the bike or on the bike, however you like. I do it on, because I can see exactly how long I need, so I'll show you the steps. First, you've got to pull off this little cap and there's going to be a screw.

Brake cap

Pull Off Cap on Brake

I can't do it one handed, so I'll take it off and show you what's under that and what we need to do to cut this, measure it, get the length you need. Okay, so now it just pulls off. Slide that off, you see this screw, we're going to undo this and then I'll show you what's under that. Now, this is obviously full of brake fluid, so brake fluid probably will go everywhere. If you want, you can drain it. We're doing this from home, so brake fluid is going to leak out. I just put a rag over it so the rag catches it. Rinse out the rag, throw it in the washing machine, it's easy, then you bleed the brakes after. To bleed it after make sure you've got some Shimano brake mineral oil. 

You might have some better luck than I did, but when I undid that, this thing was a beast to come out, so here's this screw. It was all in there, that came out, unscrewed that. You can see now that thing just didn't want to come out. Got my pink rag there to catch the mineral oil, so this olive we will have to install that later.


Olive on Brake Hose

You should hopefully have a new set. It either comes with it or go to buy a set direct, a couple bucks. I'll show you how to put that back on, but we're gonna cut it out to where you want so you want to measure it to how you want it. Measure to exactly where you want and then you're going to cut it with some cutters. Cut it where we want it, reinstall our parts, and put that back on and we'll resume at that point. The cable has been cut, now put the new olive piece back on. So what I have is these nice little pieces. You're gonna take this, you need to hammer it in. These are nice because you can just put them like so and you know clamp it down, give you something to hold onto when you put this in there. So I'm gonna do that right now, sorry that's a little out of focus, get that done and we will resume. So now, you can remove this, kept that all clean for me, that's on, slide this stuff up, there's the olive, just pushed it all the way to the end there.

hose with new parts

Reinsert Hose with New Parts

Now we're gonna get my wrench, an eight-millimeter, tighten this thing. Remember it was snug when you undid yours, so I'm gonna get this thing pretty snug, and then push this back on and then we're going to bleed the brakes. That will be a new video so that's how you do it, easy as that.