DIY Chris King Headset Installation

I'm cheap this man Dan found the shirt on the side of the road replacing at Chris King headset I sent Chris King my old ten-year-old headset to be refurbished and they sent me back a brand new one brand spankin new and I'm really happy about that so I'm gonna try and install it myself not for slow took out the old one with a piece of pipe then I cut with a hacksaw the

P server to from a stand actually will fit anymore bandit by first and from up burr feeder the old headset is here had actually put through this way pulled all the way through not fit tactic just tapped right out I have a feeling playing it a new one is not quite so easy after lots mother by expert I don't do it all the time so I don't think it's going to be that easy here we go this evening getting this is mine are Marion compressor budget fender washers long Bowl yes to average more by as a happy just three-eighths of an inch by 63 inches fits perfectly in here both on attended an old down minus I see if they're the writing should be in a particular way so

Headset Installation

Headset Installation DIY

I can show off my fine new headset if I could figure had a good now probably not supposed to do to have a little bit evident and it looks pretty good are not supposed to use a hammer her house to do it any reg got to get a wrench one sec so I just don't know monkey wrench try line everything up in the middle just start tied it down and you know what looks to me like it's going in ok that straight hell straight desert look to you and we could stay years it's not leader trouble room the kind of thing you want to do once and you don't want to do again so often mess things up and have to do it again but that looks like that looks like that looks like its aided me little so anything see how many minutes ETA four minutes and fifty Sutton sec