DIY How to Spray Paint Your Bicycle Wheel Rims

Today, I’m going to show you how to paint your rims. You’ll need a roll of masking tape, a 15mm socket set, and a plastic tire lever.

Step 1, take the 15mm socket set and take off your wheels. Now move the rest of your bike into a safe location so no spray paint will get on your bike.

Step 2, undo your bicycle valve and release the air from your tire tube until it is completely deflated. Do this for the other wheel as well.

Step 3, use your tire lever to take your tire off.

Step 4, take the tire and inner tubes off. Put the wheels off to the side, and keep the tires in a safe place.

Step 5, tape up the spokes using the masking tape. All the masking tape is carefully wrapped around each spoke up to the rim. Now it’s time for the spray paint.

Protect Your Spokes from Paint with Masking Tape

Step 6, use long strokes with the spray can to cover the rim with paint. Do this to both sides of both rims.

Paint the Rims

Step 7, after putting a few coats of paint on the rims, leave them to dry.

Step 8, once dry, peel off all the masking tape on your rim spokes.

Step 9, install your inner tube and tire, and your wheel is good to go.

Step 10, ride that sexy looking bike around town.