How to Bleed Hope Brakes

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How To Bleed A Hope Brake:

Before we start anything on the bleeding procedure, we need to make sure the mast cylinder is level, so now fluid will be lost from the master cylinder when removing the lid. Then, take out the T10 torx screws on the lid. Carefully remove the lid. Wipe away the excess oil and dirt.

Next, remove the rubber cap from the blade nipple to fit the spanner and bleed hose. Always rap a little tissue around this for extra protection.

Fill the master cylinder up with oil. Make sure not to overfill it. Then, we can start the bleeding procedure.

Fill Hope Brake Master Cylinder with Oil

If you unscrew the bleed nipple a quarter of a turn, then pull the master cylinder lever in and lock your bleed nipple off. If you keep repeating that a few times- making sure there are no bubbles coming out- then you can try unscrewing the bleed nipple, and pushing each individual piston back. This will move any pockets of air.

Remove your diaphragm from your cap, making sure all the breather holes are clear and wipe anhydrite away. Once the master cylinder is full, roll the diaphragm in. Pop the top back on.

Undo the 4mm allen keys, and move your lever so it is directly pointing down. This will help get rid of the air by pumping the lever. Once repeatedly pressing it, the air should rise back up into the master cylinder.

Use Screwdriver to Push Back Brake Pistons

Remove the cap for the final finishing procedure. Push all the pistons back using a screwdriver. Be careful not to damage anything. Wipe away any excess oil. Top the master cylinder off with oil. Roll the diaphragm in and reinstall the cap.