Install a Baby Seat to the Back of Your Bike

Most parents have used the 'baby in the car' trick to go on a long ride and get their little one to sleep. Well with today's high gas prices and if your toddler is being stubborn it could cost you $9 just for your youngster to get some shut eye (still worth it in many parents' eyes). Perhaps a better way to give your kid a ride whether you're trying to get them to sleep or just want them to enjoy the outside is by taking them for a bicycle ride with you because you'll be getting some healthy exercise in the process. It should be noted that for children over a year of age you should use the child trailer that hooks up to the rear derailleur You can install a baby carrier for your bike with these simple steps.

Installing a baby carrier on a bicycle

A baby carrier on your bicycle is a great way to get your infants some fresh air and you some exercise

Installing the Base

The main step you need to do is secure a base for the baby carrier to strap to. It's important that this base is fastened as tightly as possible because no matter how strapped in the carrier is, the whole unit will fall off if the base isn't in place. The base attaches to both the seat and the spoke area so you first want to make sure you purchase a carrier that fits your bike setup, depending on if you have a specialized 2-wheeler. You'll often have to take out a screw or bolt that goes through the seat, put the carrier in place, then replace the bolt through the seat and carrier making sure to tighten it as much as possible. Typically then there are mounts on the rear of the frame where the safety carrier screws in with an Allen wrench. Once again, make certain these are secure.

Installing a baby carrier on a bicycle

These mounts are common on most bikes


Securing the Seat

Your next step is to secure the specially-designed baby bike seat. The unique design of these items lets the little one's feet hang low while they enjoy the cruise. The carrier is tightened to the bike four different ways for ultimate security. Set the seat on the bike base and hand-crank the tighteners located both on the bottom of the seat and to the side. Next securely strap the baby seat to the base on the bike. Finally strap the baby carrier to your seat for an added layer of protection. 

Installing a baby carrier on a bike

Securing the seat tightly is the final step.

Finally, always make sure your baby is tight and secure in their seat both when you set off on your trek and while you're riding as they have a tendency to slip and slide around, especially over bumps. Hopefully you'll institute the enjoyment of cycling into your baby's brain at a young age.