Essentials to Carry When Out On a Ride

This video is about all the bike riding essentials you need to carry with you when you go out riding. A lot of riders don’t normally think of these things when buying a bike, but they can be essential from preventing you from getting stranded while out on a ride.

Here are some essentials:

Tube- you should always have at least one on you at all times. The size will be determined by the size of the tires you are running on your bike.

Tire Tube

Tire Levers- a set (Pedro’s can be seen in video) will be needed to remove the tire from the rim. This will almost always require more than a single tire lever.

Tire Levers

Pump- there are different styles of pumps you can carry. A frame pump or a Co2 pump. Co2 pumps are smaller and will help the tire go to a higher PSI, however they require Co2 cartridges.

Bicycle Pump

Presta Valve Adapter- this will come in handy if you have presta valves and need to use a standard pump, such as what you may find at a gas station.

Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter

Tire Boot- this will become necessary if you develop a big enough gash in your tire that replacing the tube is not a solution by itself.

Tire Boot

Bar Tape or Electrical Tape- these can come in handy for a variety of things including making a DIY tire boot.

A Multi-Tool- carrying this will allow you to adjust or tighten anything that comes loose while you are riding. Look for a multi-tool that has a large gambit of tools so you never have to worry about having to have the right tool to fix something when you are on the go.


To store all of these items, you have a couple of options. 1, throw them in a backpack. 2, put them in a saddlebag and hang the below your saddle. 3, store the items inside of a cheap water bottle.