SRAM Red Yaw Front Derailleur Review


One of the largest complaints about the previous Sram Red drivetrain was the sub-par front derailleur shifting speed. Sram heard our cries though, and not only increased the speed and positiveness of the front shift, they completely eliminated the need for trim adjustment.

SRAM Red Yaw Fron Derailleur

The 2012 Sram Red Yaw Front Derailleur is a revolution in front derailleur design. The Red Yaw Front Derailleur rotates as it shifts, maintaining an angular relationship with the chain. As you shift up onto the big ring, the front of the cage moves more than the rear. This increases the speed of the front shift and makes it feel more precise and direct. The cage is no longer made out of Titanium either. The Red Yaw Front Derailleur uses a Hybrid Alluminum/Steel cage. The back portion of the cage is steel so the up shift is always positive whereas outer portion of the cage is Aluminum. The result of these changes is a front shift that is fast, smooth, and precise.

Front Derailleur Rotates As It Shifts

Lastly, the Red Yaw front derailleur includes an integrated aluminum chain watcher making dropped chains a thing of the past. With smoother and faster shifting, the Yaw front derailleur brings front derailleur design into the 21st century.