Part 2: Bicycle Wheel Build 36 Spoke

1. Find the extra hole for the valve stem. This will act as a guide and help you keep track of where you are along the rim. It is also important to look through the holes on the rim because they are usually drilled at very slight angles, alternating from left to right to accommodate spokes coming from each side of the hub. With the first spoke you thread make sure that hole is slightly angled toward the correct side of the hub.

2.  Drop spokes into the hub, first through the outside of the flange toward other side of the hub, every other hole. Place the first spoke through the hole and screw on the nipple, just 2-3 turns, keep if relatively loose in the beginning. Once all the nipples are on the rim then you start tightening them gradually.

3.  After threading the first spoke, count three holes from from the first spoke and place the next spoke in the fourth. You are moving away from the valve hole. Do this around the entire rim.

4.  PAY ATTENTION: Look down through the holes in the hub and notice that they do not line up exactly, they are slightly offset. When you stick a spoke straight through the hub it will land between the two holes on the opposite flange. Find the valve stem hole and the corresponding spoke, drop the spoke through the hole on the opposite flange that positions the spoke directly behind the spoke that is next to the valve stem hole. After that spoke, drop in spokes every other one all the way around the hub.

5.  Find the valve hole and place the new spokes in the hole just behind the valve stem hole. Now you can use the flat head screw driver to give the nipples a few turns onto the spoke. Righty Tighty. The spokes should go into the hole behind the first set of spokes around the entire wheel. After this you will have half of the spokes on, all these spokes will be going inward toward the center of the hub and then up to the rim.

Continue onto part 2.1, lacing the rest of the bike wheel.