Part 2.1: 36 Spoke Bicycle Wheel Build, Lacing the Spokes

Lacing the last 18 spokes to complete the lacing of this 36 spoke wheel!
First:Take the next set of spokes and drop them through the remaining holes from the outside of the flange.
Second:Twist the hub, so that the spokes run diagonally from the hub to the rim.
Third: Grab a spoke any spoke, and run the the spokes the opposite direction and cross them, OVER, OVER, UNDER, SKIP a HOLE, and thread into the rim. Remember not to over-tighten the spokes.
Fourth:Flip the wheel and drop spokes down through the holes on remaining flange. Do the same thing as the first side, OVER, OVER, UNDER and into the only remaining hole. Now the wheel is completely threaded, next up truing, grab a beer and watch the truing video.