Part 3.1 | Truing the 36 Spoke Bicycle Wheel

Putting the finishing touches on the wheel.
First:Now the spokes are beginning to tighten up nicely and the kinks in the wheel are becoming gradually smaller. Continue to incrementally tighten the spokes. Once things start to get really close use only quarter turns on each spoke. If you don't have a spoke tension meter then pluck the spokes like a guitar string and listen to the tone of the spokes. They should be relatively similar.
Second: Check the vertical true of the wheel to make sure is perfectly round. Once again use the brake pads as a reference.
Truing a wheel can be a long and arduous process, but also soothing and rewarding if you bring your patience some unencumbered time. Make sure to take your time and you will end up with a great wheel in the end. So give it a go and if things go wrong you can always take it into the LBS (Local Bike Shop).