Overview of Garmin Vector Pedal System


Garmin has changed the game with their Vector Pedal system, the first pedal-based power meter that independently measures your left and right balance along with other power metrics, improving performance like never before. The Vector system transmits via ANT+™, so it's compatible with virtually all Garmin computers, and many other high-end head units.

Garmin Vector Powermeter Pedals

Unlike crank and wheel based systems, Vector is easy to buy, install and update, without taking it back to the shop. Set up and swapping between bikes is as easy as a pedal install. In addition to the pedals themselves, the system uses two battery powered pods which measure cadence and total power, as well as independent left and right leg power. Vector then wirelessly transmits the data for display on compatible Edge® cycling computers, Forerunner® multisport watches or other ANT+™ enabled head units. Complete the suite with post-ride analysis, route planning, free training plans and data sharing at Garmin Connect™.

Battery Powered Pods Measure Cadence and Power

The pedals themselves are Look Kéo-compatible, featuring lightweight composite bodides and a tough stainless steel wear-plates. CNC-machined, hardened stainless steel spindles further durability, while LSL bushings and sealed cartridge bearings ensure silky smooth rotation. Adjustable tension allows riders to fine tune release.