Install YNOT Pedal Straps

This video will show you how to install a pair of YNOT pro straps.

The straps are made of two pieces: a top and a bottom. The bottom half is made out of 3 layers of heavy duty nylon, which increases the stiffness. The top half is made of 1000d cordura, with two inches of hook velcro.

YNOT Pedal Straps

To install your new straps, send the two ends on the bottom through the platform of your pedal, then cinch down on your velcro, and be sure to test by putting your foot inside. An important step of getting the straps to fit right is to adjust them while your foot is in place. Ideally, it will create a wedge similar to the shape of your foot. Pull the straps tight while your foot is in place.

For Best Fit Tighten Straps While Foot is in Place