LED Light Review: NiteRider Pro 3600

NiteRider Pro 3600

This light should to be called the Jailbreak, because the Niterider Pro 3600 LED could do double duty as a prison searchlight. 3600 lumens? That leaves most car headlights in the dust. So, you could use the Pro 3600 to light a basketball game, full-court, at night... What else could you need in a light? How about the ability to program output/burn times to your specific needs? Niteriders D.I.Y. software lets you easily adjust the Pro 3600 to your requirements. Let's say you are doing night shuttle runs. You only need one setting—full blast—so program the light to go to eleven with one press of the button without toggling between several modes. What if you are on a 24-hour team and want to maximize your burn times? Program a medium and a low setting for descending and for climbing, and don't waste time by toggling or lose precious burn time by running an unnecessary output. Niterider's D.I.Y. software works on Windows 2000 and later operating systems only. The 3600 comes set to run a low, medium, high configuration with no programming necessary.


The Niterider Pro 3600 blasts away with six high-end CREE LED bulbs in custom-tuned reflectors, and has one button for simplicity and plenty of indicator lights to tell you what's going on. Niteriders fantastic handlebar mount is included, along with a helmet mount. For racing use, Niteriders battery tray allows fast battery swaps—just squeeze the tabs on each side of the battery and slide off the tray which is attached to your bike, and snap in a fresh battery—no unwrapping sticky velcro cables.