What's REALLY Good with Blinder Lights?


Knog Blinder 4

I'm on the fence about blinder bike lights, or just very VERY bright bike lights in general. Of course it's important to be seen, and to be seen early, so cars really get it that you're on the road. And don't get me wrong, I hate cars more than anything else, but now I'm starting to hate other cyclists too. I think it's living in the city and having to ride on lots of bike paths, where oncoming bikes are coming more or less directly at you that is making me hate these blinder lights. By trying to improve your vision and people's ability to see you, you are taking away my ability to see ANYTHING. Maybe people just need to become more aware of this and conscious of it when passing oncoming riders. Point it down, turn it to a lower setting, cover it with your hand. Do something.

My complaints aside, they do work as bright lights, and if you need that look no further. 

If you want to read a book at night, go tanning, or interrogate an enemy, it's great for that too.