For over 25 years, we’ve pushed the design and innovation to stay out in front. We call this approach ‘Avanti Design Technology’. It’s what the ADT insignia means on your bike and it’s what gives you and us the edge.
We can now be found in 8 other countries and underneath some of the world’s best cyclists. Getting athletes on top of the podium is only the start though. Our goal – the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning (other than the alarm clock for our morning ride) – is to get more people, everywhere, riding.

We want people to have more fun, spend more time with their family, get fitter, look after the planet better, travel, meet people, participate and compete at every level.

We support and help develop talented local athletes and community cycling events. We also work with other organisations to grow cycling as a whole.

When you’re this close to the real people who ride, it can’t help but come through in everything you create.