Chrome Kursk Shoes Review


Chrome Kursk Grey

We all know Chrome from their bags, which cover many a back of bicycle riders all over the world. While the chrome bags look awesome and seem to be very comfortable, their price tag has kept me away from one of my own. My first introduction to Chrome, however, was through their shoes, which, compared to their bags, are cheap.

Nylon Reinforced Sole

I got a pair of Chrome shoes because I like how they looked, but It wasn't until they outlasted any other shoe I rode my bike with that I realized their value. My bike pedals often tore up the bottom of my shoes, but the soles on the Chrome shoe looked like the day I bought them for the whole time I owned them. They also sell these shoes with clips for pedals. 

I've heard complaints that the shoes are uncomfortable for walking, but I always found them comfortable, on and off the bike. Definitely worth it.