DIY Remove Bike Braze Ons and Bosses from Bike Frame

This is a video on how to remove various bosses and mounts on a road bike frame. This is an old road bike from the 70s, and I thought I’d make a video on how to easily remove this stuff if you are converting your bike to a fixed gear and don’t want any brakes or derailleur mounts, just want to make your bike as clean as possible. It helps the look of the bike when you’re all finished, and it can be done fairly simply with only a couple tools. You can always use more industrial tools for the project, but a couple of common tools will do the trick. I actually think you can do a better job with common tools, since you will have more control and won’t have to dig into the frame. 

The tools I use for this are a hacksaw, a metal file, and some fine grit sandpaper if you have it. I’m using emery paper, it comes in a roll. You’ll start with the hack saw first. When using the hacksaw, try not to get too close to the frame, you’ll want to leave a bit of meat that you can file off when you’re done cutting. 

Keep the Hacksaw Slightly Above the Frame

You can see after cutting that we’re not done yet, there’s some left, and we’ll take care of that with the file. Using the file can take some time so be patient. When you are filing, you don’t want to dig the corner of the file into any nearby metal. Keep the file nice and flat, though you can move it to fit the profile of the frame tube. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can get some masking tape and place it on either side, so if you hit the tape you’ll feel it and it will prevent you from damaging the surrounding steel. 

Keep the File Straight

Keep the File Straight to Stop from Digging into the Frame

Now you can see the difference between the braze on material and the steel. The braze on files very fast, so as you get close to the steel, slow down a little bit. You will know you are done filing once all the paint around the braze on has is removed, otherwise you will have a high point on the frame. 

Smooth It Out with Sandpaper

Once the filing portion is done, you can still feel that the frame is a bit rough, almost like a grain in the steel that you created. At this point, you can use sandpaper or emery cloth to smooth out the course area on the frame. You can typically feel with your hand when the sandpaper isn’t working anymore, and then you are done!

Finished Product

Finished Product is Smooth as Butter