Bontrager started building bike frames in a California garage in 1980. Since then they have explored into every realm of bike components, tools, and accessories of the best quality. Everything that leaves their facilities is structurally sound, including the "Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee" and environmentally friendly packaging regime.


"Strong. Light. Cheap. Pick two." Bontrager unabashedly opted for the first two, building a reputation on offering some of the strongest and lightest components available. It's a no-compromise approach that rests on the proposition that discerning customers understand value is much more than price alone."



701 Knowlton St
Waterloo , WI
United States
43° 10' 40.602" N, 89° 0' 17.8776" W
Wisconsin US

Bontrager Tutorials

Embedded thumbnail for How to Install a Bike Seat on 3 Different Seat Posts

How to Install a Bike Seat on 3 Different Seat Posts

I'm going to show you how to install and adjust a saddle on three of the most basic type of seat posts.

This is the first one, it requires 6 mm allen key. All you're going to...

Company: Bontrager
Type: Repair Tutorial
Embedded thumbnail for Install and Mount Wired Cycling Computer

Install and Mount Wired Cycling Computer

We're going to go over how to install a basic wired bicycle computer. All you'll need is a third hand cable tightener and a pair of cutters. This particular computer users rubber...

Type: Repair Tutorial