DT Swiss

DT Swiss specializes in wheels, suspension, and hubs for both mountain and road bikes. They're clawing their way to the top of the competitive cycling ladder by incorporating some good old-fashioned scientific development in their components. Check out some of their technologies:

  • DT Swiss-original, hand and remotely controlled adjustable shocks that allow for controlled dampening in all situations 
  • Varying fork composite densities, employing material where needed, yeilding low weight and high stiffness
  • Wheels that have straightpull spoke, and tubeless compatibility designs 
  • Superlight hubs with pressfit assembly and smooth bearings


But what really sets this Swiss party on fire are the DT Swiss conversion kits for various sizes of hubs and wheels, both front and back. They sell tubeless conversion kits, small parts for spoke work, an apron so you look like you know what you're doing, and numerous high-end tools worth your money. 

Längfeldweg 101
Biel/Bienne , BE
47° 9' 10.4868" N, 7° 16' 56.2764" E
Bern CH

DT Swiss Tutorials

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