Replace a Fixed Gear (Fixie) or Track Bike Sprocket

If you ride a track bike or single speed bike you've only got one option when it comes to gearing, but what if you want to gear down or gear up? You have three choices. You can change your chainring, your sprocket, or both. In this video, we're going to take you through how to change your rear sprocket. For this job, you will need a sprocket (lockring) removal tool and the right size spanner wrench. Start by removing your rear wheel. When you've done this put the chain through the rear drop outs, so it doesn't scratch your frame or pick up any dirt or dust from the ground. Place your lock ring removal tool onto the lock ring and loosen it.

use lock ring to loosen sprocket

Use Lock Ring Tool to Loosen Lock Ring

Once it is fairly loose you can probably do the rest by hand. Remove the lock ring from the wheel and then slide the sprockets off. Take your alternative sprocket and put it into place on the wheel. Our lock ring was not symmetrical. One side was recessed. The other was flat. You want to fit the flat side against the sprocket. Put the lock ring on and tighten it by hand at first before using the locking tool.

tighten lock ring with hand

Tighten Lock Ring with Hand

Once you have the lock ring fairly tight, place the wheel on the ground and use your body weight to get it as tight as possible.

use body weight to tighten

Put Wheel on Ground and Tighten with Body Weight

Put the wheel back on the bike and tension the chain. As the sprocket size has changed, your wheel will need to be in a different position for the same chain tension. Once you've done this, tighten your wheel nuts up and you should be good to go. Now that you have your track bike up and running have you ever wondered what it's like at a track event?