Aest is a cycling company based in Poland. They provide high-end bike parts to the global cycling market. Sometimes, cycling companies produce parts that are just made for function. Other times, companies design beautiful parts where pragmatic design meets beauty. Aest is definitely the company that cares about aesthetics as much as the function. They make a lot of high-end parts including pedals, headsets, pulleys, and many other components. A few components from Aest on any bike will make it drool-worthy. Aside from the aesthetics, the components are also truly high-end as well. Aest makes lightweight and high-performance gear. You might not see this company too much in the states but they sell well around the world.
Ul. Kołłątaja 2/60
Staszów , SW
50° 25' 48.504" N, 21° 16' 45.0372" E
Swietokrzyskie PL