Magura is a brake and suspension component company from Germany. They manufacture adjustable front and rear shocks, as well as hydraulic and mechanical disc brake systems for mountain bikes. 

Geschäftsfeld Kunststofftechnik Uracher Straße 27
Hülben , BW
48° 31' 3.9108" N, 9° 24' 13.3092" E
Baden-Württemberg DE

Magura Tutorials

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Best Cheap Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

Mountain bike brakes are extremely expensive, commonly costing 300+ for a full set of rotors, levers and calipers. But, you don't have to break the bank to get an amazing set of brakes.


Part brakes Disc
Company: Magura Shimano
Type: Repair Tutorial
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How to Bleed Magura Hydraulic Brakes

I’ll probably repeat it a bah-jillion times but it is worth repeating: if you are bleeding hydraulic brakes, mineral oil and DOT fluid ARE NOT INTERCHANGABLE! It’s kind of like when they tell you...

Company: Magura RockShox
Type: Repair Tutorial