Selle Italia takes saddles to a new level. Almost unnervingly obsessed, this Italian company has been literally supporting champions for years with their precisely-designed saddles, stitch for handmade stitch. 


"Just like any champion cyclist can’t win without his teammates, Selle Italia can not make the world’s best saddles without drawing on our long tradition and extensive experience which have always driven to make great saddles."

Via E. Fermi, 2
Casella d’Asolo , TV
45° 47' 32.9532" N, 11° 56' 41.892" E
Treviso IT

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Brooks B17 Leather Bike Saddle Review

[editor's note: The Brooks B17 Saddle is truly worth it. I used this saddle on a cross country trip in the US from Vermont to Washington State, and have insisted it be on every bike I...

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