chain tool

Chain tools are impressive looking little pieces of engineering genius. Most chain tools consist of a bracket on which the chain lays across and is held in place, and a pin that is threaded in through the chain. This type of chain tool can be very compact and another perk is the ability to push the pin out of the chain far enough to break it without pushing the pin entirely out of the chain making reassembly of the chain a breeze. Some have better handles than others and many have replaceable pins. They often get ruined by hasty mechanics who try to break the chain before it is properly aligned in the bracket. What's the rush, people? The alternative tool is a large fast working wrench-type chain breaker that looks something like a tool for breaking chestnuts. The chain is aligned within the tool and a simple squeeze on the handle breaks the chain. This latter design is great for breaking but makes reassembly almost impossible as the pin is removed every time. Alternatives to chain breakers include hacksaws and angle grinders.

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