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The Phil Wood Spoke Machine is every wheel builders wet dream.  It cuts and threads spokes with one revolution of its magical manual crank.

The machine is designed to cut and thread 1.8mm (15 Gage) and 2.0mm spokes (16 Gage) and place 10mm of 56 TPI (Threads per Inch) thread on the end of the spoke. Butted spokes and aero spokes may be cut and threaded on that portion of the spoke that is full diameter. Rolling the thread on the end of the spoke does not remove material as would occur if the thread were cut on the spoke. The thread is cold forged onto the spoke. It is recommended that high quality spokes be matched with this machine - such as Phil Stainless Steel Spokes.

The machine is very capable of forging threads on all standard and exotic metal spokes including the multi-colored titanium and the black stainless steel spokes.

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