Best Top of the Line Bike Wheelsets

Riders will often consider new wheels when it comes time to spending some serious cash. Here are 5 wheelsets beloved by both pros and ambitious amateurs:

5- For a true, all-around wheelset, look no further than the Zipp 303. Zipp's air-flow enhancing, golf ball dimple texturing, and wide profile firecrest design keep the aero dynamic obsessives happy.

4- Mavic has been in the wheel game a long time, so the top of the line Cosmic Carbone Ultimate wheelset is hard to overlook. With full carbon spokes and an overall mass of 1185 grams this wheelset will keep weight watchers satisfied.

3- Developed in collaboration with Formula One design guru Simon Smarts, the Smart Enve System boasts some serious aero chops. Interestingly the front and rear wheels have different rim depths, which is said to improve aerodynamics and stability. They also have specially textured braking surfaces.

2- Features such as a choice of bearing and rim depths make the trusted Campagnolo Bora Ultra Series a great choice.

1- Although we haven't seen them in the world tour for some years, german carbon specialists 'lightweight' make some of the most exotic and desirable wheels on the planet. Many pros say if they could only ride one wheelset for the rest of their lives, it would be lightweights as the right quality and stiffness is unparalleled.