Overview of the Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheelset


Today, an overview of the Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheelset.

In the box comes a bag with two skewers, which are quick release (very premium quality). The feel is really nice quality. Attached to the skewer is a guide about using quick release. Also in the bag is a packet with instructions and a manual for setting up the wheel. There is also information on the warranty.

Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheel Skewers

The wheels feature an asymmetrical lacing pattern with 18 spokes. They are a clincher wheel. Both wheels are exactly the same except one has a rear hub on it. There is nothing else in the box except another pamphlet illustrating that these are top-quality, hand built campagnolo wheels. The rim tape on the inside of the wheel provides more information also.

Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheel

These wheels have great reviews, especially for the price. The front wheel weighs approximately 815 grams and the rear weighs 935. They are 700c and are for road bikes. The asymmetrical rim profile allows for maximum stiffness of the wheel. Straight head spokes maintain the spoke tension and benefit lasting performance. The oversized flange increases the torsional stiffness and increasing reactivity at each change of pace. These wheels also click very nicely.

Rim Tape on Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheel

Check out the second video to hear the sound of the Campagnolo Khamsin Asymmetrical Wheelset hub as it spins.